"Partner in Community Building"

About Us

Al Farooq Peoples Society (AFPS) is a legally registered organization in the state of Telangana, India. The main objective of the society is to help build a social fabric of protection to the poor and oppressed through a systematic and proven approach that will yield a positive change in the lives of the children, adults, women, the senior citizens and other people.

The Society is run by intellectuals and passionate individuals who cultivate the drive to serve the poor and the needy people.

The society aims to form a bridge between the Government and the beneficiaries of the various social welfare schemes to ensure the aid and support reaches to the intended beneficiaries.

One of the main objectives of the society is to supplement and support the Government initiatives in eradicating the poverty, educating the children, supporting the women and different vulnerable sections of the society.

The society makes constant efforts to act as a medium through which public at large can reach out to the poor and provide them relief in whichever way needed.