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In our country, thousands of people suffer deprivation of necessary support even to meet their basic needs. While both the Central and the State Governments are putting massive efforts to uplift the masses from poverty through various means, however, the GAP widens each year and the help is not reached to the intended beneficiaries.

It is time to revolutionize the way support is extended to people suffering from poverty and deprivation. Unless the communities themselves want to change, there cannot be real change in their lives.

There is an urgent need to involve people from all walks of life in this noble cause and help build a healthy and prosperous society.

About Us

Al Farooq Peoples Society (AFPS) is a legally registered organization in the state of Telangana, India. The main objective of the society is to help build a social fabric of protection to the poor and oppressed through a systematic and proven approach that will yield a positive change in the lives of the children, adults, women, the senior citizens, and other people.


  • Women either the widows or the ones not supported by husbands are left vulnerable without any support to feed themselves and their children.
  • Senior citizens suffering from age-related ailments are deprived of the medical aid and moral support.

Why Become a Member

Al Farooq Peoples Society (AFPS) provides a platform to every individual who wants to share the belief that there is an urgent need to reach out to the masses, the deprived, the oppressed, the most deserving and extend a helping hand.

AFPS provides an open platform for all the like-minded individuals to come and work together with the single goal.

AFPS lends the required support to the members to take up the projects and achieve the desired objectives.

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